Huang Xulong

Mr. Xulong Huang, interior architecture designer in China, A young man who specializes in the design of the interior design of the hotel, He has been involved in the design of the Grand Hyatt / Shangri-La / Hilton / Hyatt and other hotels, specializing in lighting and lighting in the room, and is dedicated to incorporating works into star-rated interior design. Of the people-oriented design concept, and gradually scrutinize the ergonomic dimensions of space, so that the best use of the same time, giving a comfortable use of the environment experience.
Villa interior by Xulong Huang

Chinese Style Villa Design Villa interior by Xulong Huang Chinese style interior design is the trend in recent years, especially for successful business owners and dignitaries, HXL interior design studio is constantly exploring and exploring the dynamic of this style, constantly from the ancient Chinese traditional decorative techniques to extract the relevant elements , Combined with modern design style materials and technology, mutual integration, learn from each other, and strive to bring you a different feeling.

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Huang Xulong
Unit 1212 Building 4, Nantingxinyuan, Nanqu 318 Huaifangxilu , Fengtai
P: +8613811328778

Huang Xulong is IDC member since 2017, with 2025 IDC rating.
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