Irini Papalouka

Applying her high-quality aesthetic, the designer takes a holistic approach to her designs, creating stunning spaces with both comfort and functionality in mind, ensuring that the client’s environment has a positive impact on their lives. The designers portfolio of work includes a wide range of projects both commercial and residential. Her style is distinguishable from our strong, clean simple lines, and choice of elegant fittings and furniture. She also specializes in discreet atmospheric lighting and bespoke features. The designers aim is to reflect the taste and needs of the client, while being simple and stylish at the same time. “It’s all about talking to clients and really listening to what they want,” Irini says. Irini received her Masters in Interior Design and Information Technology from the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD) where she specialized in environmental design and interior architecture. Her projects are featured in local magazines. She won a European Property Award in 2015 for Office Interior.
Environmental interior Design by Irini Papalouka

Mountain Hill Chalet Environmental interior Design by Irini Papalouka The concept of this property was to create a space reminiscent of a European chalet. The main focus of the design lay with the materials, most of which are either environmentally sensitive or reused/reclaimed materials. Natural local stone and reclaimed wood were used for the majority of the interior, creating a harmonious balance with the area both inside and outside the property. Maximising the use of natural light is another key factor to the success of the design as it allows a light and neutral colour palette to be applied throughout, thus maintaining the focus on the natural materials

Residential House Interior Design by Irini Papalouka

Angel VII Private Residence Residential House Interior Design by Irini Papalouka With a special blend of materials this residential interior was designed in such a way into a comfortable, pure and timeless space. The small atrium in the space also serves as a design feature as it is an element that you can see from all interior ground floor areas and from the residences exterior. It also serves as a safe barrier for the corridor above. The staircase design together with the designer ceiling pendant lamps serves as an attractive spatial element of the entrée.

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Irini Papalouka
256 makarios avenue, office201
P: 00357 99353931

Irini Papalouka is IDC member since 2017, with 4043 IDC rating.
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