Ellen Zhu

Ellen Zhu is an Australian emerging visual artist and visual communication designer, currently completing her postgraduate design degree at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. She completed her Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts at The University of New South Wales (UNSW ART & Design). Ellen considers herself as a mixed-media artist, Her Australia identity and China heritage strongly influenced her art and design practices.
Accessory by Ellen Zhu

Heart Ring Accessory by Ellen Zhu There's an old say in Chinese "Men's ten fingers are linked to the heart", which shows the intimate connection between the fingers and heart. This design is a set of stackable rings, inspired by Chinese Characters that contain the word "heart" as its radical. The rings can be combined into different Chinese characters according to the wearer's mood and feelings. Through this work the designer wish people no matter where they are from, what language they speak can all enjoy the beauty of Chinese Characters.

Contact Info

Ellen Zhu
Tsinghua University, Six Sense Studio

Ellen Zhu is IDC member since 2016, with 2041 IDC rating.
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