Buket Hoscan Bazman

Buket Hoşcan Bazman was born on 16th day of December in 1989, in Izmir. After completing elementary/secondary and high school in Izmir, she got accepted to the department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Fine Art, in Istanbul Işık University. After graduating from university in 2012; she worked as a product designer in Platt&K. She worked as a product designer for 2 years in Yurtbay Seramik AŞ in 2013. After leaving from her job, she established the brand named “marbleous” in 2015. Today, she is designing and producing marble and marble-detailed furniture, decoration and kitchen products.
Coffee Table by Buket Hoscan Bazman

Drop Coffee Table by Buket Hoscan Bazman Drop which is produced by wood and marble masters meticulously; consists of lacquer body on the solid wood and marble. Specific texture of marble separates all products from each other. Space parts of drop coffee table helps to organize the small house accessories. Another important property of the design is ease of movement provided by hidden wheels located under the body. This design allows to create different combinations with marble and color alternatives.

Contact Info

Buket Hoscan Bazman
Haydar Aliyev Cad. Yeşim Sk. Sunar Apt. 27/13 Akatlar
P: +905358792230
F: +905358792230

Buket Hoscan Bazman is IDC member since 2017, with 2041 IDC rating.
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