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Giovanni has always had an interest in the arts and creativity. Restless by nature, creative for needs, to look always a different way from the usual. With creativity tries to give a new vision of reality. His goal is always to work on challenging and rewarding projects making each project a big communication project. For 10 years directing the Redfish agency working for major clients and projects. Care detail in every project because is the only way to achieve great things in work than in life.
Wine labels design by Giovanni Murgia

I Classici Cherchi Wine labels design by Giovanni Murgia For a historic winery in Sardinia, since 1970, it has been designed the restyling of labels for "The Classics" wines line. The study of new labels wanted to preserve the link with the tradition that the company is pursuing. Unlike previous labels it worked to give a touch of elegance that goes well with the high quality of the wines. For the labels has been working with the Braille technique that brings elegance and style without weighing. The floral pattern is based on a graphic elaboration of a pattern of the nearby church of Santa Croce in Usini, which is also the company logo.

Wine labes by Giovanni Murgia

Sands Wine labes by Giovanni Murgia To realize the design of these labels, the research has been carried out on printing techniques, materials and graphic choices, able to represent the values of the company, the history and the territory in which these wines are born. The concept of these labels starts from the characteristic of wines: the sand. In fact, the vines grow on the sea sand just a short distance from the coast. This concept is made with an embossing technique to take up the designs on the sand of the Zen gardens. The three labels together make up a design that represent the winery mission.

Wine Labels by Giovanni Murgia

KannuNaUm Wine Labels by Giovanni Murgia The design of the KannuNaUm wine labels is characterized by its refined and minimal style, obtained by searching for symbols that can represent their history. Territory, culture and passion of vinegrowers of the "Land of Longevity" are condensed into these two coordinated labels. Everything is enhanced by the design of centenarian grapevine that has been made with the technique of gold poured in 3D. An iconographic design that represents the history of these wines and with them the history of the land from which is born, Ogliastra the Land of the Centenaries in Sardinia.

Wine Label  by Giovanni Murgia

Cera Una Volta Wine Label by Giovanni Murgia Cera Una Volta(Once Upon a Time) is not just a wine but also a leap into the past. It was born from the dream of creating a small oenological jewel by treasuring the teachings of the ancestors and the winemaking techniques of the past. The idea of the creative concept of wine tells, in the simplicity of the fairy tale hyperbole well represented by the illustration on the label, the story of the birth of this wine and that of who produced it. The style chosen is deliberately fairytale, to give a magical touch to a wine that differs greatly from the classic style of Vermentino.

Wine Labels by Giovanni Murgia

Biboi Wine Labels by Giovanni Murgia An innovative, unusual and carefree design to define the identity of these wines. A geometric design that takes its cue from the seventies and enriches it with iconographic elements that represent the characteristics of the Sardinian territory. The design of these labels is studied to give a tactile effect when the bottle is removed, thanks to the paper of the label and the embossing of some parts of it. The goal is to communicate a fresh and youthful, carefree and immediate design suitable for a young audience looking for a quality wine with an intriguing appeal.

Wine Labels by Giovanni Murgia

Cala di Seta Wine Labels by Giovanni Murgia The packaging design project represents wines as unique and identifying elements, linked to the place where they are born but facing the world. The appeal is that of young, colorful and easy to interpret wines, aimed at a disengaged target but looking for quality products. For this reason, the design is characterized by a colorful, minimal and refined appearance in which the design of the lighthouse stands out, made with simple but powerful graphics and embellished with colored metal sheets and the three-dimensional effect of the braille relief that simulates the sea.

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