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Jia Jing,China Jingdezhen ceramic university teacher, engaged in the research of industrial product design and ceramic design, has won many important awards. It has designed the tableware of the G20 conference, the flower organs of the BRIC conference, and the Disney ceramics.
combination by Jia Jing,

Poetical tableware combination by Jia Jing, Most of the tableware are regular and cold. When people don't eating, tableware will be thrown away in the cupboard or corner. At this time, It doesn't have any value. But this tableware bowl, through a combination of disk and other devices can form a beautiful landscape scenery, not eating, it can be combined on the desktop, spice to the space where they can put food for dinner, and landscape scenery, brings a wealth of visual enjoyment

Tableware by Jia Jing,

Gather Tableware by Jia Jing, The tableware in many restaurants is very dull. But 'Gather' cutlery is different. It originates from the architectural style of Beijing. Before eating, people can feel the local culture and characteristics through it. When eating, people will divide it into bowls and plates to increase experience and fun.

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