Sebnem Buhara

Born in 1975,Şebnem Buhara started architectural practise while she studied at Mimar Sinan University Architecture department and continue today in her design office, BOU Interior & Architecture.
She has accomplished many important projects with her architectural education and ability.Her main principle; It defines customers' identity, desires and dreams as' creating lean and timeless spaces' by adding their own professional experience and imagination.Şebnem Buhara, who has a boutique mentality, is particularly distant from the fabrication work; Making the decorations that reflect the character of the people living at the same time without disturbing the personality of the place.The target mass of Şebnem Buhara; Those who see an architect as a qualification and want to spend it on his life.Before the design work, she grasps the customer's wishes, dreams, especially the character and the way of life. Then the design phase begins.
Bookshelf by SEBNEM BUHARA

IRONMAN Bookshelf by SEBNEM BUHARA The inspiration of the bookcase is the shape of a simple rectangular frame. It was inspired by the unity of contrast and harmony. Ironman is not only a design manifest and value but its also like a sculpture with details.


ARTIZEN LIGHTING by SEBNEM BUHARA Artizen is not only a chandelier, it is also an expression of pure human feelings expressed through an art. It is like an sculptural design which is also be lighting for spaces. Masculin materials such as glass and brass are sculpted into an organic form by hand.


ICEBERG LIGHTING by SEBNEM BUHARA Iceberg is named after its form and its a design manifest based on the combination of lighting and artistic point of view. Iceberg expresses the flexibility, fluid, moldable and reincarnated structure of glass. Light always warms up the places. By using glass and named it iceberg ,this is a protest of traditional opinions. Also our motive was support and help hand workmanship while we created this project.


POKER THINGS OBJECT by SEBNEM BUHARA The design of the 'Poker Things' inspired by playing cards and symbols on them. The paperweights are available in various colors and their forms are based on the popular icons of paper games: diamond, hearts, clubs and spade. The design can be used as an paper holder, book holder or accessory. Design formed to make an political referral by using of the shapes because of their meanings. And these shapes coated with different materials, coverings for differente meanings of pieces.

Residence by SEBNEM BUHARA

Bebek House Residence by SEBNEM BUHARA In order to turn spaces that have relatively low ceilings into bold and unique houses, we needed a clear architectural language. Instead of going for the functional sense fearing from these restrictive features of the house. It is possible to define the interaction between the design and decoration as aesthetical beauty and conformism.


CEREMONY LIGHTING by SEBNEM BUHARA Today, many products are still too complex and feature-driven. Designers should make products simpler by making them fit more seamlessly into their daily lives and routines. Ceremony lighting is made from metal , copper plated. The design is very simple, but the idea is fantastic. Getting good feelings with a simple design is a dream for a designer.

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Sebnem Buhara is IDC member since 2018, with 12144 IDC rating.
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