Yinshuai Zhang

Yishuai is an experienced designer who has worked for Mercedes-Benz, Lenovo, Boeing, UNICEF, Intel, etc. He has won many international design awards, such as Red Dot, IF concept design, A'Design Award, Red-star award, K-design award, GIX innovation competition, etc.

With his rich project experience and creative mindset, Yinshuai is capable of being a leader of team building, project management and design directing.
water glass by Yinshuai Zhang

Water Prism water glass by Yinshuai Zhang With a 45 degree slopping bottom, the regular glass divides into two triangular sections. When the glass cup is filled with water, the top section becomes a water prism allowing sunlight passing through to project a “rainbow” on table. This design intends to encourage people to find, observe and create the beauty of nature in life. Further more, it can touches your heart with an unexpected beauty in such a fast-paced society in China.

paper cup by Yinshuai Zhang

Clean-Rim paper cup paper cup by Yinshuai Zhang To prevent the pollution from touch of the rim of paper cup, we design an 11 degree sloping rim. The incline make region between two rims of cups so that people can take a cup easily without touching the rim. The design draws the public attention to care more about the Hygienic of disposable product.

Self-driving Car by Yinshuai Zhang

MC2 Self-driving Car by Yinshuai Zhang The design of Mobile City Cabin Self Driving Car is based on a single compact cabin design with 4 wheels on the corners to maximise usable space in the car. Mobile City Cabin includes self-driving technology and instruments such as radar, lidar, and cameras which are integrated into the design of the car. It represents a brand-new spatial experience. The car is powered with efficient self-driving technologies and without traditional control components such as the steering wheel, pedals and dashboard, hence leaving more space for passengers.

Contact Info

Yinshuai Zhang
Tsinghua University,Hai Dian, Beijing
P: +86 18622050193

Yinshuai Zhang is IDC member since 2017, with 6078 IDC rating.
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