Jessica Zhengjia Hu

Designer Jessica Hu believes that one should not just work for a living, but work for passion and love. For Jessica, design is a bridge connecting art, mind and our daily life. Design improves our living utility and happiness by transforming amazing thoughts and ideas into reality. By taking the advantage of experience and knowledge from the past, capability and potential from the present, we will be able to create brighter future with the power of design. With the passion for art and life, Jessica keeps forging ahead on the way to discover more of the beauty and infinite possibilities of this world.
Tea Tin Cans by Jessica Zhengjia Hu

Yuchuan Ming Tea Tin Cans by Jessica Zhengjia Hu This project is a series of Blue-and-white tin cans for tea packaging. The main decorations on the sides are mountain and cloud figures resembling the style of Chinese ink wash landscape paintings. By combining traditional patterns with modern graphic elements, abstract lines and geometric shapes are blended into traditional art styles, providing refreshing features for the cans. The tea names in traditional Chinese Xiaozhuan calligraphy are made into embossed seals on top of the lid handles. They are the highlights which make the cans more like real artworks in some way.

Jessture Womenswear Collection by Jessica Zhengjia Hu

Light Jessture Womenswear Collection by Jessica Zhengjia Hu This collection transforms the idea of Light in both physical and psychological aspects. The quality of brightness is emphasized by manipulating contrast of different low saturated tones and colors. Light fabrics are used to provide gentle and comfortable feelings. Creative structures and detachable pockets, lapels, and strapped corset, allow the looks to be more variable. Garments can reflect the interactions between the wearers' psychological emotions and their physical environment. The goal is to encourage the wearers to express their own aesthetics and styles fearlessly.

Womenswear Collection by Jessica Zhengjia Hu

Rebirth Womenswear Collection by Jessica Zhengjia Hu The idea of this collection is to reveal those beauties hidden in the winter spirit. Following the minimalist design principle, the garments keep fresh and neat appearance with simple silhouettes and clear outlines. Details such as oversized collars, Velcro loop closures and asymmetric structures provide visual highlights to the looks. Low saturated Morandi color selection helps neutralize color temperatures to create more gentle elegant textures for the garments. There is no need to follow the others. Beauties are hidden in the true selves, pure, simple, unique and special.

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Jessica Zhengjia Hu

Jessica Zhengjia Hu is IDC member since 2022, with 6073 IDC rating.
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