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Frank la Rivière, Architects Inc. is a multi-disciplinary and internationally oriented design practice based in Tokyo working in the field of architectural, and interior design through to product and exhibition design. The practice is led by ir Frank la Rivière (The Netherlands Utrecht, 1961) who studied architecture and interior design at Delft University of Technology and in 1988 received his Master’s degree (first class honors). Besides being registered architect in the Netherlands, obtained as the first Dutch National based on more than 15 years of practical experience in Japan, the First Class Architects License in Japan. Was awarded Good Design Prize 2005 and the Interior Planning Award 2006 for Y-House, 2010 MIPIM AR Future Projects Award, 2011 International Architecture Award, 2010 Tohoku Architecture Award. Since 2008 teaching architecture and interior design at ICS College of Arts and became specially appointed professor in 2013 and course leader in 2015. Lecturer at Komazawa Women’s University since 2013.
Private residence by Frank la Rivière

Celestial Light Private residence by Frank la Rivière The experiential quality of this one story house is obvious in the way illumination matters to the spatiality. Designed on a 9.1 m square footprint based on the Japanese (910 mm) module for timber structures, its plan is accentuated with tall windows at each of its corners. The placement of these four light catchers delivers celestial light into the interior bouncing off the perimeter walls, while guaranteeing the inhabitant’s privacy. The central roof light works as a pointer in space, making time felt. A plan flexible in use while sensitive in its lay-out to Japanese design princples.

Private Apartment Building by Frank la Rivière

Loop by Loop Private Apartment Building by Frank la Rivière An abandoned concrete building shell, acquired with the intention to create a large apartment for private habitation. The developed design strategy makes use of the unfinished state and the exposed concrete is regarded as a neutral backdrop against which the spaces for habitation are designed. Therefore, finishes contrast with and wrap the concrete only there where needed. Concrete was erased to allow for loop-like structures to be inserted. On these loops life takes centre stage. Executed like freestanding pieces of furniture, each is finished in a different material.

Private Residence by Frank la Rivière

Space in Layers Private Residence by Frank la Rivière This low budget private residence, realised on a deep plot of land in the mountains of Aomori prefecture, would automatically be long stretched. The design strategy of introducing in-between zones, results in an exploration of a sense of openness and transparency by making the depth of the space visually measurable. The effect is a layering of space. A spatial quality that allows looking through several spaces and enhances the feel of extensiveness. From the entrance, one can see through the living room, dining area and the Japanese room into the garden in the back.

Season's Greetings Cards by Frank la Rivière

Season's Greetings Art Collection Season's Greetings Cards by Frank la Rivière The design concept of this series of New Year seasonal greeting cards is lasting relationships. Each year a small piece of art is produced, to be sent out by the client’s company as a token of gratitude for a lasting relation with the recipient. The quality of the cards is such that the recipient will want to keep them. For the image side, colourful abstract artwork by the artist Tim Porter is used and guarantees the artistic content is of high quality. Both an unique octagonal shaped card and a stand-up card were developed.

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Frank la Rivière Architects inc is IDC member since 2017, with 8099 IDC rating.
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