Yves-Marie Geffroy

Graduating from the Poitiers school of Applied Arts in France, Yves-Marie Geffroy established his own studio in 2006 having held the position of Artistic Director for different communications agencies in Paris (Publicis, TBWA, Carré Noir, EuroRSCG…) Whether in art, science, nature or human relationships, he concentrates on ‘that which gives life’, the rhythmic variations. For him design is everything but stagnant esthetics, it exists only as a function of our identity, ever moving, always plural. By making this principle his own, he varies both projects and techniques: from photography to baroque wallpaper for Paris-Gang, from writing and the realisation of documentaries (‘A Sky in Hell’ 52 mins) and short films to creating brand identity, from supporting visual artists as well as writers and performers. In 2016 he created the range ‘More is Different’ the first installation of which is a bookshelf inspired by the structure of a roof.
Bookshelf by yves-marie Geffroy

More Is Different Bookshelf by yves-marie Geffroy Conceived from a desire to propose a bookcase that cuts back on the use of raw materials, More is Different (M.I.D) echoes and combines the ancestral knowledge of carpentry with that of contemporary design. Yves-Marie Geffroy puts forward new meaning to the way a bookcase is used. The concept, that compromises neither function, aesthetics, resistance nor sustainability can be found in this timeless design and unexpected experiment.

Agile Furniture by yves-marie Geffroy

Puls Agile Furniture by yves-marie Geffroy Puls is freedom. Desires for change are permanent and more and more fast. How to be agile, capable of transformation, but also sustainable, creative, while offering great freedom? Puls is a desk to work alone or for two, but it's also a bookcase, a bench, a meetings table, a windscreen, an office partition, shelving units, a cabinet, a support, a wardrobe, an valet, a workbench, etc. Puls is every one of the above and all of them at the same time. The diversity of possibilities is the mechanism that allows adaptation to all sorts of different environments. Could have said Charles Darwin.

Contact Info

Yves-Marie Geffroy
La Fontaine
P: 0033 299 47 73 05

Yves-Marie Geffroy is IDC member since 2017, with 4052 IDC rating.
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