Siddhant Agarwal

I have always been a curious child, looking for new adventures. I believe that experiences mould our personalities into a unique whole, and my experiences are what inspire me to design products. I feel that it is imperative for every design to tell a story and what better than experiences to define that.

I feel that coordinated teamwork is what sets the final output apart from the usual and it is essential to be a team player in order to attain success. I have good verbal as well as listening skills that make me a worthy team player in some cases, and team leader in others. I aspire to become a utilitarian designer who can collaborate functionality with design aesthetic to create an innovative product. My design sense is inspired by minimalism and I like to play with linear shapes and muted colours. I am proficient in using design software like Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, illustrator, Rhino, Solidworks among others. A proof of my concept is the fact that I used these skills and entered my product “Fjord” in the prestigious A’ Design Award 2018 where it was announced as a winner in Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Category bringing my product at par with designs created by international level product designers.
Multifunctional Carafe by Siddhant Agarwal

Fjord Multifunctional Carafe by Siddhant Agarwal Siddhant has built a water carafe, Fjord, to be used by contemporary bars and restaurants. Fjord has an integrated icebox that removes the need for bulky iceboxes. It also has a soft light, which removes the need for candles occupying space on tables. One can easily tilt the carafe for water while having easy access to ice. The idle ice gradually melts and adds to the water below. This reduces dependency on waiters for water. Furthermore, the carafe can be used to create cocktails, or to fuse wines, and liquors by creatively using the ice compartment.

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Siddhant Agarwal
safdarjung enclave
P: +919545747148

Siddhant Agarwal is IDC member since 2018, with 2021 IDC rating.
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