Francesco Taddei

I am a young Architect, Engineer and Designer who works mainly in Italy, available to participate in any initiative that involves professional growth.
Christmas Tree by Francesco Taddei

A ChristmaSpiral Christmas Tree by Francesco Taddei The designer tried to reinterpret a classic symbol of tradition, the Christmas tree, through the use of new forms and new materials. In particular, he has focused on the development of an object which became at the same time container and its contents, designing a box-container that becomes the support base when exposed. In fact, when not used, the tree is enclosed and protected by a cylindrical wood box, while when exposed develops in a spiral shape, enveloped by a light beam along its entire length, which enhances the compositional verticality of this design object.

Contact Info

Francesco Taddei
Via Pietro Nenni, 1
P: +39 3290764859

Francesco Taddei is IDC member since 2017, with 2020 IDC rating.
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