Qianqian Hu

The creator of Wu Tong Design Studio .It is made up of four experienced postgraduates (Qianqian Hu&Heguang Wang&Yilin Liang &Yang Zhang)from Zhengzhou University of Light Industry. Team members are working on academic research and actual product production and manufacturing. Most of them are currently working for worldwide design companies. They gather together in their spare time and work on same project, longing to make the world a better place to live in and explaining what is design good for.
Children tent by Qianqian Hu

Moon house Children tent by Qianqian Hu This design is inspired by the grass and starry sky when champing, it reexamines the relationship between experience and function, and focuses on the interaction between children and their parents.The concept also come from paper folding,makes by 18 piece assembled unit ,it takes environmental material : Tung wood and felt, which makes it easy building, folding and stitching.

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Qianqian Hu
Dongfeng road.5
P: +8615038112102

Qianqian Hu is IDC member since 2017, with 2032 IDC rating.
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