Khashayar Mansourizadeh

MGD architectural group which I am a member of it, is a new stablished architectural group with the aim of providing technological and modern buildings for modern societies seeking outstanding projects. Our group is currently located in Tabriz,Iran.
Museum Building by Khashayar Mansourizadeh

Kerman Museum Building by Khashayar Mansourizadeh As designers declare, despite the uncomfortable weather of the region,Kerman, which does not let designers create open-air spaces; this project has made a close relationship between the artificial museum building and the surroundings by pulling the building up to +8 meters and cover it with a transformable outer shell consisted of photovoltaic panels, which could produce the entire building's energy need. To enhance this relationship, the amphitheater and restaurant of the ground floor have topography-based shapes and the building's terraces are covered by numerous plants.

Contact Info

Khashayar Mansourizadeh
East Azerbaijan
P: +989308673171

Khashayar Mansourizadeh is IDC member since 2017, with 2025 IDC rating.
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