Sangmin Shim

Sangmin Shim currently is an active professional graphic designer and illustrator based in New York. Based on his personal experience, Sangmin Shim has established his own design studio named 5m5 in NY as of 2012, and the studio has been changed to fivemfive. fivemfive studio work is based on art, architecture, and culture through a variety of media, such as branding, print, display, motion, and web site. The company has been thriving in different design fields by being awarded with numerous leading international awards. Amongst these, they may include awards such as German Design Award, IF design awards, reddot design awards, Golden Bee: Moscow International Biennale of Graphic Design, TDC Typographic Excellence, Graphis, AIGA DC, American Illustration.
Brand identity by Sangmin Shim

North America Nextgen Leaders Academy Brand identity by Sangmin Shim 2016 North America Nextgen Leaders Academy is a North American integration conference held in New York as part of the Vision 2020 project hosted by World-OKTA North America. The particular event was co-sponsored by chapters in 12 regions based in North America. It aims to develop a long-term plan by 2020 while continuously promoting, managing and supporting the next generation of leaders through this conference. Based on this, the logo's designed to illustrate the concept of the Vision 2020 project with dignity and enthusiasm while aiming to revitalize the importance and meaning of the event.

Contact Info

Sangmin Shim
200 Water Street, Ste. 906
New York
P: +1 401-633-5608

Sangmin Shim is IDC member since 2017, with 2020 IDC rating.
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