Mark Turner

Creativity is not something that can be turned on like a tap. You are either creative or you are not. It is something you cannot teach. I feel most creative when we are having a design/brain storming meeting in the studio. I love the interaction of other like-minded, passionate people; ideas really come alive! Packaging is my passion, it started from my love of sculpture and form as a young artist and design allows me the best of both worlds to produce a piece of packaging that is not only stunning, but unique and meaningful with real purpose for our clients.
Dog Food Bag by Mark Turner

Vonziu Elite Puppy Dog Food Bag by Mark Turner The brief was to create a stunning range of dog food packaging which would not only have a strong shelf presence among the vast variety of pet food brands, but would have a hypnotic indulgent appeal. The create a stunningly simplistic, clean, yet sophisticated design with the ancestral wolf as it’s core symbol for the new range. The wolf, emerging out from the dark shadows with iridescent, penetrating eyes is the focus of the branding. The eyes on each pack in the range were colour-coded to differentiate the variety.

Packaging to display spice ingredients by Mark Turner

Spice Chakra Indian Recipe Pack Packaging to display spice ingredients by Mark Turner The brief was to create a stunning range of packaging for the Spice Chakra range of authentic Indian recipe packs that would have stand-out shelf appeal. The answer - to design packs that were true to the authentic heritage of the recipes, and which showcased the colours and spices of India. By using an intense colour pallet which was colour coded to represent the region the recipes came from, and by presenting the ingredients in clear bags within a foldout card outer, the packs were designed to entice the customer to pick them off the shelf and take them home to try them out.

Brand Identity by Mark Turner

SoundRevel Branding Brand Identity by Mark Turner The brief from SoundRevel was to create a bold, yet iconic identity with a feeling of movement, for their global music festival promotion company and online streaming app. The solution was to create a dynamic identity which uses the iconic grooves of the record as its core which evolves into sound waves radiating out from its centre and in turn the waves creates human faces. The identity was designed to be flexible and adaptable for the vast range of conventional and digital medias required, including stage signage, promotional items and online marketing.

Packaging by Mark Turner

DeAngelis Italian Chocolate Packaging by Mark Turner DeAngelis wanted to launch their brand of hand-made Italian chocolate into the UK market and came to Kre8ive Partners to create a new luxury brand and range of exclusive, bespoke packaging for the high-end market. The idea was to give the consumer a special moment when they unwrapped this chocolate, a moment of luxury. By using a mix of tactile surfaces, including a decadent cloth covering to the outer boxes, this added to the opulent feel of the packaging. Opening the box was designed to be an unveiling; the quality of the chocolate is slowly revealed as each luxurious layer is unwrapped.

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Mark Turner
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Mark Turner is IDC member since 2017, with 8102 IDC rating.
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