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Zhenfei Wang graduated from Berlage Institute in Rotterdam with an Advanced Master degree of architecture in 2007. They worked in UNStudio(Amsterdam). Before that, they gained their Bachelor degree of Architecture from Tianjin University and worked in HHDesign from 2001 to 2005. He founded HHD_FUN together with Luming Wang in 2008.

He is the cofounder of Digital Architecture Design Association (DADA).(China)
He is the committee member of Chinese Digital Fabrication Design Association.

They won numeric awards including: “2015 ICONIC AWARD”(Germany), “2016 GERMAN DESIGN AWARD”(Germany), “A Design Award (Platinum)” (Italy), Grand Architectural Creation Award(China) and etc.

Zhenfei Wang awarded the third prize of the New Chinese Architecture at CA’ASI which held by Architecture Studio office and AREA magazine. As a part of the 2010 Venice Biennale, this exhibition has opened on 25th September, 2010.

He attended two exhibitions in the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale:
“Share and Regeneration “
“Mission trans-missions”

He was invited by University of Hong Kong Shanghai Study Center to do a SOLO exhibition in 2012.

He was invited by Studio-X _ Beijing(GASPP,Columbia University) to do a SOLO exhibition in 2013.

As a Photographer, Zhenfei Wang attended the 55th Venice Art Biennale in collaboration with Architecture Studio

As a cross-over architects, HHD_FUN is keeping in close touch with artists, designers and engineers from various fields. In the Double Infinity Exhibition which was held by Van Abbe from Holland and Art hub from Shanghai in May, 2010, he was invited to design the exhibition space as an architect curator and artist. The prince and prime minister of Holland visited the exhibition and thought highly of it.

As emerging architects, they were invited to attend the “Machinic Processes” Architecture Biennial Beijing 2010 which organized by Professor Weiguo Xu and Neil Leach.

Their work was published worldwide, including DEZEEN,Archdaily,Designboom,Gooood,architecture record, Architizer, AREA, FRAME,Architext, Archiworld, Architectural Journal,Time+Architecture,UED,Urban Flux and etc.

In 2014, the Urban Environmental Design published a special issue for HHD_FUN feathered more than 30 realized projects from them.

He was invited as a keynote speaker at the “Association for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia (CAADRIA) in 2017, CAADRIA is one of the 4 most important international conferences about CAAD.

He was invited to speak at many international conferences such as: CAADRIA, DADA2013, DADA2015, DADA2017, The 8th Conference on digital technologies in architectural education and etc..

He lectured at many Universities and organizations, including Tsinghua University, University of Hong Kong Shanghai Study Center, The Chinese University of Hong Kong,Tongji University, Nanjing University, Tianjin University, Xiamen Urban Planning Bureau, Jinjiang Urban Planning Bureau and etc..
Service Center by Zhenfei Wang

Heavenly Water Service Center by Zhenfei Wang Due to the unique nature of the service centers, which have to handle large circulation flow, the design ensure visitors from all directions can reach the service center area swiftly; and at the same time, it provides for visitors who can’t gain access into the service centers momentarily as a venue for viewing and resting.

Shop by Zhenfei Wang

Grand Gourmet Flagship Store Shop by Zhenfei Wang To show respect to these handmade products, the shop design was generated by a custom made computer algorithm, the fractal hexagon pattern gives the shop strong identity and organized all functions. The making process involved many cutting edge technologies and traditional handcrafts. The creative combination of the traditional handcraft and the modern technology in design and construction process makes the shop unique.

Office, exhibition space by Zhenfei Wang

Terminus Beijing Headquarter Office, exhibition space by Zhenfei Wang Terminus Technologies Co., Ltd is the biggest city-level IOT+AI platform company in China, committed to providing cutting-edge industry solutions for “Future Series” of life, building and city management. With core technologies of smart hardware, cloud services and mobile applications, the headquarter include two main components, the office and the exhibition area. it creates a futuristic atmosphere with represent the special character of "Terminus"

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Zhenfei wang
8-2-702, Zone 3, caoqiaoxinyuan, caoqiaoDong road,Daxing District
P: 86-10-84261101

Zhenfei wang is IDC member since 2017, with 6138 IDC rating.
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