Hu Yin

Hu Yin, graduated with the Master Degree in Multimedia Design from College of Art, Sydney University, Australia. He is now a lecturer and Master's instructor in Industrial Design Department, School of Mechanical Engineering & Automation, Beihang University, CHINA. He is also a Chairman of the Art and Design Committee of Beijing Graphic Council. As a lecturer, he teaches Product Design, Interaction Design, Communication Design, and Design History. Meanwhile, he engaged in different design areas in practice. He has completed abundant design projects for large national enterprises in China. He also participated the research tasks in some major projects for the national department in China. With the practice over years, Hu Yin has won the Red Dot Award 2015, A' Design Award (silver) 2017; K-DESIGN AWARD 2017, A' Design Award 2018.
Tomb by Hu Yin

Ripple Tomb by Hu Yin The design helps to comfort people longing for the deceased .In Eastern culture, water has spiritual power. There is a small pool on the base of the tombstone, which can be filled with water. Under the pool there is an ultrasonic vibration device that makes water ripple. The strength of the ripples changes with the pitch of the voice from the mourner. The sensor can detect the slight changes when the mourners are speaking, and then activates the vibration of water ripple with these changes, as if the interaction comes from heaven.

Contact Info

Hu Yin
304, 16th Building, 2nd Qu, Anzhenli, Chaoyang District

Hu Yin is IDC member since 2018, with 2021 IDC rating.
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