Lan Zhang

I am Lan Zhang, a designer from China. I have particular interest in graphic design and in the traditional art of China. I have obtained the degree of doctor of visual art in Australia. I have studied symbolism and pattern design with a focus on Tibetan Buddhism art. I attempt to represent reflection of inwardness in my works, and quest for connection as well as consensus through visual language. I have also undertaken numerous commercial design commissions for clients around the world.
Posters by Lan Zhang

The Hidden Path Posters by Lan Zhang This project seeks to provide a more secular, accessible and contemporary transitional medium of Tibetan Buddhist art. These posters serve as imagery interpretation, which is aimed to developing a way of understanding the Kalachakra mandala. The essential concept of the Kalachakra mandala is mainly embodied through the symbols of the five elements. Through extracting and converging the interrelated symbols in the posters, the superiority of the five elements as an interpretive vehicle is confirmed.

Contact Info

Lan Zhang
P: 0011 86 13791056327

Lan Zhang is IDC member since 2018, with 2021 IDC rating.
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