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ADD is an architectural studio focused on bringing fresh ideas coming from various disciplines such as music, video art, literature or philosophy into traditional architecture and design in general. It is an ongoing project that starts from the design problem but ends up posing fundamental questions about the function of the built and unbuilt environment. ADD believes that the design process is essentially a problem solving practice, where the problem is posed by the drive and needs of the customer or society leading to the answer that is provided by various mechanisms, patterns, thoughts and actions derived from every possible form of open information coming from a number of disciplines.
Table Lamp by ADD Architecture Studio

Reverse Pickup Table Lamp by ADD Architecture Studio The Reverse Pickup Table Lamp by ADD features a perfect circle discus consisting of translucent marble. As the discus rotates along the base it gradually lights up. The two bronze arcs were conceived so as to enclose the discus and accentuate the notion of movement and the play between light and shadow. Three different discuses made from different colored marbles were chosen to match the user's aesthetics and mood. As the mood changes, all the user needs to do is play his/her favorite discus. ADD payed attention to the choice of materials in order to achieve a light yet also luxurious result.

Multifunctional Wall Lamp by ADD Architecture Studio

Reverse Sunclock Multifunctional Wall Lamp by ADD Architecture Studio The Reverse Sunclock Wall Lamp offers a concept that focuses on bringing together two ever existent notions, that of time and light. ADD Architecture Studio designed a lighting product which bears the ambition of bringing those two together. The coexistence of a clock and a lamp in a statement of an object was the goal. The discus gradually lights off in parts like a clock would do in order to remind the user of the change of time during the day, corresponding to the different needs of direct and indirect light. The design relies on the contrast of light and shadow on the chosen materials.

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ADD Architecture Studio

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