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Setone design founded in 2010, It was the tenth year of the practice of Mr. Don Lee. Setone Create a contemporary 'cantonese' culture in the spirit of simple Oriental spirit, In the All kinds of mainstream Under the design style of was deposited Belonging to the 'Setone' space design form. At the same time, Let the [local oriental can also be the world] design purposes widely advertised.
Office by Don Lee

Subversion White Office by Don Lee Build Land Construction is located in a building beside Ganjiang River. It’s embraced at 270° by river views. The designer tries to give a new shape to office in the building. Minimalist white may provide the best color vision in the space. A big triangular LOGO between the meeting room and green plant area can eradicate dullness. The reception area and staff channel will then echo each other. Users are like fish in water. The upper and lower space extends under different light. This helps share views outside the windows among all souls that love life.

Retail by Don Lee

Artistic white Retail by Don Lee Located in Pingyao Ancient City, China, the project is a space for promoting film culture and displaying film products. The designer refines the local architectural elements The "herringbone roof" is used in the space. Light, casting its shadow in the building, it is like the poetry of the East, because of its different transformations, it has the power to touch people's hearts. Leave it blank to give the building more possibilities.

Office by Don Lee

Interesting White Office by Don Lee The project is located in an office building along the coast of Shenzhen, China. It is an office and an exhibition hall. The designer set up a cozy sunken reception area to let the visiting guests talk in a relaxed and pleasant state. The glass partition of the space is artistic, becoming a visual focus and a window to promote the company's culture.

Private Club by Don Lee

Destruction White Private Club by Don Lee Continuing the minimalist culture pursued by the client, the designer made a dialectical criticism of the current domestic commercial buildings, and used the technique of architectural composition to destroy and rebuild the space, remolding the soul, light, scenery and wind of the architecture into the building. Let the space of different materials, skin, tone, texture harmony and unity, return to the essence of aesthetic values.

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Don Lee
202,43 peace road,Yuexiu District
P: +86 20 38037427

Don Lee is IDC member since 2018, with 8112 IDC rating.
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