Kay Jiaqi Zhou

Kay Jiaqi Zhou is the founder and designer of POPORCELAIN, a contemporary porcelain jewellery brand based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her jewellery has been carefully designed and handcrafted. She has Product Design Master degree background from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, United Kingdom. She believes that creating, refining, handcrafting is what her design is all about.
Jewellery Collection by Kay Jiaqi Zhou

Snow White Jewellery Collection by Kay Jiaqi Zhou Snow White collection is a series of floral theme contemporary jewellery design. They are inspired from different seasonal flowers - plum blossom, snowdrop and daisy. The flowers are made of snow white colour porcelain. Every handmade petal has experienced 18 hours of kiln firing, with temperature reaching 1280 degree Celsius. Natural soft earth is refined to delicate and feminine porcelain bijoux. The clear porcelain sound can be heard by handling the jewellery pieces.

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Kay Jiaqi Zhou
Oerestads Boulevard 61B, 1th

Kay Jiaqi Zhou is IDC member since 2018, with 2042 IDC rating.
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