Luis Fernando Garcia Ojeda

Mexican Architect, with studies of Architecture, Furniture Design, Lighting Design, and Sustainable Development. Based in Merida, Yucat√°n, Mexico. Developing projects around Mexico. Always interested in develop sustainable projects for the well-being of the environment, users and surroundings. Creating sensorial spaces to provoque tranquillity and relaxation is one of the main objectives for each project. Most of the developed projects are residential or small multi familiars. Taking landscaping as a strong component for each project, each project reflect strong commitment with the biophilic philosophy.
Residential House by Luis Fernando Garcia Ojeda

Casa PM Residential House by Luis Fernando Garcia Ojeda The project is erected within a lot abundant vegetation. Most of the trees were respected or relocated, to provide shadow, to generate cool breezes, and nature ventilation. The project is developed in only one level, divided into three stages (garage, service area and residential area), all of which are connected by a network of ramps and steps through gardens and loose walls. With a low maintenance selection of materials and vegetation palette (concrete, steel and wood), hand in hand with the landscape design, a state of tranquillity and peace is created, for the greater welfare of the users.

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Luis Fernando Garcia Ojeda

Luis Fernando Garcia Ojeda is IDC member since 2018, with 2033 IDC rating.
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