Benny Leung

Born in Hong Kong, Benny Leung grew up in Vancouver, Canada studying animation at Vancouver Institute of Art (formerly known as CDIS - Centre of Digital Imaging and Sound). He went back to Hong Kong in 2002 and have worked as an animator, graphic designer, director and creative director. With more than 16
years of experience in the creative industry, Benny has held prominent roles as Creative Director for both SillyThing Ltd. and JOYCE Boutique Ltd. before starting his own company (BLCH Ltd.) in 2012.

BLCH. is committed to originality, quality, and compelling a great story. Each story is fueled from original ideas that change each word and image for the perfect creative solution.
Company Holiday Card by Benny Leung

Christmas Carol Company Holiday Card by Benny Leung The Christmas Carol Set is a company gift designed to spread the joy of Christmas – where clients can interact and share the gift with others. We wanted to harness different perspectives and experiences to bring people together. For the older among us, the use of a mixtape evokes memories of a bygone cassette era while the younger generation get an intriguing retro item to discover.

Company Christmas Card by Benny Leung

Little Something Company Christmas Card by Benny Leung This is an interesting Christmas card that interacts with the receiver. The concept is quite unique with the ability to deliver different Christmas messages using the puzzle technique. The colors and minimalistic design is a good approach letting the receiver to focus on the mechanism of the card design.

Greetings Card by Benny Leung

Merriest Christmas Greetings Card by Benny Leung This card evokes an emotion of the joy of giving in a fun and interactive way. It is a Christmas set that recipients would want to talk about with others as its content leads through action. It contains locally relevant pins design to serve as conversation starters which ensured the story of Christmas and the joy of giving would keep spreading.

Board Game by Benny Leung

Airplane Chess Board Game by Benny Leung In this project for Puma, it is a re-creation of a traditional board game (Ludo, also known locally as ‘Airplane Chess’) to be gifted to Vips during the holiday. A popular 80s and 90s game, it generates a lot of nostalgic memories in its former players as well as being a fun game to play for everyone.

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Benny Leung
10/F Unit A, Uwa Building, 18-19 Connaught Road West
P: +852 96628876

Benny Leung is IDC member since 2018, with 8121 IDC rating.
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