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Italian A' Design Award International Design Silver Award.
Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards For Elite Design Award.
Idea-TOPS International Space Design Award.
Nesting Awards International Interior Design Grand Prix, Best Villa Space Design Award.
Office by Xiaoying Huang

Hello Seven Construct Office by Xiaoying Huang With respect to the structure of the architecture, nature and light, we believe using white widely in this room presents a sort of essence. That’s a uniqueness of this room, which expresses the idea of less is more. We didn’t design the hallway as a traditional reception room, but as a space showing some unique concept. Though the office is not large, each room is not without its own style. With high contrast artistic decorative painting and high-colored oil painting on the plain white wall, people who walk into the room could sense its specialty.

Clothing Store by Xiaoying Huang

White Box Clothing Store by Xiaoying Huang In this case, the store takes an area of only 35 square meters. The front door is small, and the traditional display window is replaced by a horizontally long window with much white at the bottom. In this simple box-liked structure, white is massively used and the light beams are well designed to make the white-colored terrazzo floor more elegant. Designers built a mini loft to meet its functional purpose. The oak stairs, the footlights, and the light stripes are another ingenious designs to connect the space.

Residential House by Xiaoying Huang

Hidden Breeze Residential House by Xiaoying Huang There is an old saying goes: "Orchid is a kind of most exalted fragrance, clip in breeze and cannot be smell easily, grow in rock crevice from beginning to the end, and never compare with the flower in those markets". Not all kinds of beauty must be decked out in finery, beauty can be low-key introverted, quiet and tranquil, such as gentleman, keep a low-key and attitude towards life. In the private villa, the designer hopes to leave the luxurious light to the owner, nature and light accompany the family to grow up together slowly, and make life easier and meaningful.

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