Isabelle Zhao Peng

Isabelle Zhao Peng is an award-winning designer with a strong sense of her cultural heritage. This has fueled her interests in the field of modern Chinese culture and inspired her to engage in a quest for how global best practices can be unified with long-existing traditions. Her work has always engendered a unique combination of local insight and style within a global context.

She premises: What is design today and how could this guide people’s lives towards poetic living? She takes this as her long-term research program to explore the possibilities of poetic living in contemporary society and its relationship to art and design. By developing new visual languages, she aims to arouse people’s consciousness and reflection on their present spiritual status and to form an aesthetic attitude of lives related to innermost sensibility.

Isabelle’s design research project ‘Seesaw Roundtable’ won both International Design Awards' (IDA) Gold and Silver Prize.
residence and private club by Isabelle Zhao Peng

Shanghai Bay residence and private club by Isabelle Zhao Peng This 1200 square meters apartment at the West Bund of Huangpu River in Shanghai was chosen by a film investor to reside, work, recreate and socialize. A bow shape site with the long side facing to the West Bund where is arranged with different space functions. Materials are kept as simple as they could be, while glass partitions are applied to allow the transparent vision and private feelings. The design pulled the focus away from thinking of the daily necessities and reexamined the definition of residence with a poetic perspective to create a natural gallery living style.

Clubhouse by Isabelle Zhao Peng

Beijing Club Clubhouse by Isabelle Zhao Peng The project is located in Beijing as a private clubhouse. Isabelle Peng rethought the new look of the courtyard by capturing the breath of the space. Following the concept of The Shade Rouge, she restored the building to its original structure and then reorganized to develop the mottled red by modern craftsmanship and the rendering of light. Back to its root, it is a Chinese traditional architecture, distinctively, Isabelle hopes not only to revive its former glory or completely refurbish it but also let the old and new coexist, so it can shine again while conceiving the imprint of the times.

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Isabelle Zhao Peng
No.30 Lane 650 Changshou Road
P: +86 18621852160

Isabelle Zhao Peng is IDC member since 2020, with 4062 IDC rating.
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