Camilla Marcondes Lima

I was born in the architectural scene, profession of my parents, but graduated in Industrial Design. I ventured in the areas of decoration, landscaping and floral design, to meet the world of jewelry, not by chance, but by a personal need of great pieces, with a differentiated design. At that time, it was already possible to find jewelry (gold) signed by big contemporary designers, but costume jewelry however, only the trinket of popular markets and the full of artificial gems and brilliance, unsuccessfully, imitated jewelry. Therefore, I began designing and making my own pieces. Registered myself at basic and advanced jewelry courses. Before even graduating, I was already supplying accessories for big fashion brands and designers of Rio de Janeiro.
Bracelet by Camilla Marcondes

Michael Thonet Tribute Bracelet by Camilla Marcondes Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Thonet's popular chairs, the bracelet uses this classic of the furniture design as its main inspiration. Mixing two materials as metal and wood, the piece was designed in contemporary style with an architectural print. All the empty elements on metal sheet, the volume and the wood detail were designed aiming the balance of materials and light weightness of the piece

Necklace by Camilla Marcondes

Crocheted Necklace by Camilla Marcondes Crocheted is a maxi-necklace in an antique gold tone. The design has the handcrafted lace made by women in Northeast of Brazil as its inpiration. The flowerish patterns of the laces and their delicate cut-outs were used as the main elements in the structure of the project. Due to its size and eye-catching presence, Crocheted is to be wore as a Statement Jewelry.

Bracelet and Earrings by Camilla Marcondes

Wrinkled Bracelet and Earrings by Camilla Marcondes Wrinkled is a jewelry collection inspired by the metals junkyard. Using two different raw metals in distinct colors, combined with a crumpled surface and a tough design, Wrinkled breaks up with the ideal of classic and feminine jewelry. The collection is more than simply jewelry, it's statement art pieces to be wore by bold people.

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Camilla Marcondes Lima
P: +1(407)7771640
F: Estados Unidos

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