Cai Fengsheng

I graduated from Shanghai institute of visual arts, and was awarded the PLANTINUM A 'DESIGN AWARD in the' A 'DESIGN AWARD & COMPETITION in 2018.My works "Blue Sky Cocktail Packaging Design" are on display at LUXEPACK Shanghai, Shanghai Exhibition Center.I also won Awards for the World Star Packaging Design Awards, Asian Graphic Design, National College Student Advertising Competition, etc.I loves design and is eager to join the design team.To create a better life!
Special limited edition  by Fengsheng Cai

Excalibur Limited Edition Packaging Special limited edition by Fengsheng Cai The project is to design a whisky packaging targeted at people with special obsession with chivalry culture. Every man had dreamed to become a chevalier while whisky has a close connection with which. This design is made to create a unique experience of opening the outer packing. It is the opening method and the special appearance that makes the packaging unique. The container will rise up with the opening of the outer packaging, feeling like a water drop drops in the water and spread out like a flower.

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Cai Fengsheng
Room 3019, No. 25, Lane 1000, Wenxiang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai
P: 13371955839
F: 中国

Cai Fengsheng is IDC member since 2018, with 2053 IDC rating.
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