Nitin Bhardwaj

Since childhood, travelling to historical places like Rajasthan palaces and forts imbibed the intricate designs and concepts. During the years of growing up I always had inclination towards art and design. After completing my graduation, there was a choice between Architecture and Engineering, I opted for Architecture considering that Engineering would always be a part of Architecture. Ours is a small design studio consisting of 10 designers with very open atmosphere to express ideas. As an Architect I always be there in studio interacting with everyone and grasping ideas. In our studio we believe to combine design concepts of all designers and also add from the experience of trained artisans to create new possibilities and designs.
Retail showroom by Nitin Bhardwaj

Adani Retail showroom by Nitin Bhardwaj The retail showroom was to cater the ethnic men’s garment, so the visualization was to create the grand experience incorporating the traditional components. The display, furniture and the structural elements were emphasized with intricate carvings. Various traditional elements i.e. wooden carvings, column brackets, carved doors, chairs were collage in unique pattern to create a distinctive grandeur ambiance. Here the juxtaposition of polished wood - metal engravings with contrasting etched motifs on the cement sheet, accentuates the entire space.

Residential house by Nitin Bhardwaj

Riverway Residential house by Nitin Bhardwaj The design makes subtle references to vernacular architecture, interpreted with contemporary technology in which function and efficiency take priority. The facade has a pleasing geometry which combines brick and textured stone. At the centre of the house is the traditional courtyard which draws attention at the wooden jaalis. Adjacent to the kitchen is the cantilevered staircase with wooden treads and suspended ropes. There is a glass walkway supported by wooden member traverses the central portion of the house which has been left transparent.

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Nitin Bhardwaj
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