Hongrui Zhou

Hongrui Zhou is a fashion designer, Chinese packaging creative design competition judge and curator, NEU art studio tutor, teacher of luxun academy of fine arts China, a number of international awards.
Clothing by Hongrui Zhou

Rhythm Clothing by Hongrui Zhou It is a set of creative design clothing for the style of the imperial court women in the Qing Dynasty. Creative costumes from horseshoe sleeves, Pankou, sea cliff Jiang, cloud elements. Selection of cotton, brocade, Ou Gensha and other materials. The main use of oblique yarn edge technology, combined with embroidery technology and different texture of the form of change. The color of the Chinese traditional red and blue sea water shows an elegant, implicit and generous Chinese sentiment.It is used at the new year's conference in the Imperial Palace.

Clothing by Hongrui Zhou

Creative Costumes Clothing by Hongrui Zhou It is a set of creative clothes for Qing Dynasty court women, which is specially designed for the second exhibition of Shenyang Palace Museum. Creative clothing borrowed from the Qing court women's clothing elements, and used Pankou, Haiyajiang, cloud, wave and other elements. Choose cotton, brocade, Ougen sand, silk and other materials. Mainly use twill edge hand sewing technology, embroidery and variations in different textures. Chinese traditional wine red and sea blue color show elegant and implicit sentiment, which sets off the grand display of the Palace Museum New Year.

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Hongrui Zhou
No. 19, San Hao street, peace zone,Shenyang
P: 15502499229

Hongrui Zhou is IDC member since 2018, with 4060 IDC rating.
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