Joy Alexandre Harb Kadiri

Joy Alexandre Harb, Co-Funder of JYH International Architects, our work varies from residential, retail, educational, resorts, commercial and urban planing.
house by Joy Alexandre Harb

Villa Olympea house by Joy Alexandre Harb The Residential Villa in the mountains of Lebanon is integrated with its surrounding nature. Its design consists of 2 L-shaped structures on the ground floor, which interact together to create an internal green patio, visible from all spaces in the house. This concept was thought of in order to avoid having corridors in the house, for aesthetic reasons as well as for avoiding loss of space. A cedar tree was planted in the internal patio,it being the emblem of the country found on the national flag , becoming the heart of the house.

House by Joy Alexandre Harb

Villa Attie House by Joy Alexandre Harb Embedded into the land topography, villa Attie offers a great ventilation, daylight and comfort. The house is accessible from the two roads surrounding the building. The first access leads to the private spaces of the house like the bedrooms, and the secondary access leads to the semi-private spaces. The open space plan embodied the idea of effective combination of comfort, coziness, functionality and flow of circulation. The finish levels inside and in the pool area are the same. So that once the windows are open, it creates the feeling that you are outdoors while sitting in the living room.

Residential Building by Joy Alexandre Harb

Chalets Dada Residential Building by Joy Alexandre Harb The basic geometrical design was inspired by a child's scribbling when he was asked to create a house. A play between solids, voids and materials was experimented in order to have the final result Located in the high highlands of Lebanon's Faraya Resorts, Chalets Dada exemplify beauty and luxury. The composition is built on the foundation of a ground level hosting one large apartment bordered by a flower garden. Two unusual duplexes are stoned with Terrazzo on the first and attic floors.

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Joy Alexandre Harb Kadiri is IDC member since 2018, with 6115 IDC rating.
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