Anastassiya Leonova

Nowadays there is no visual image of Kazakhstan in the world of design, along with the production eco-system and specific education. Our mission is to form worthy a representation of Kazakh design through the expression in our works and develop the productions step by step.
Under the brand name Filo by Anastassiya Leonova we produce lamps, furniture and accessories for home. As well we spread the product design in mass and teach the students and other people to the base of design.
Ceiling lamp by Anastassiya Koktysheva

Mobius Ceiling lamp by Anastassiya Koktysheva M-lamp in shape of Mobius band seems to be abstract body flying above your head. The lamps made by hand and each form have a little difference from each other. The lamp consist of several layers of bended plywood, then polished and covered with walnut veneer and lacquer, giving a warm mood to your place. The designer tried to find the balance between simple forms and emotional design. The smart shape of Mobius tape that always looks various from different angle of view. The thin strip of light emphasizes this abstract line and complete the image.

Contact Info

Anastassiya Leonova
Jandossov str. 55/5
P: +77772789812

Anastassiya Leonova is IDC member since 2018, with 2026 IDC rating.
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