Yakobium s.r.o.

Yakobium is an art and design studio founded by Jiri Andel and Pete Isev in 2019. Yakobium focuses on creating their designs and products from sandstone. Yakobium also offers product design services.
Sandstone Fashion Accessory by Yakobium S.r.o

Bow Tie Sandstone Fashion Accessory by Yakobium S.r.o Using their own process, the Yakobium designers were able to transform sandstone to this very unique accessory piece. The Yakobium Bow Tie is robust but lightweight and can easily be worn to any occasion. Shape, color, size as the rest of the item can be customized. The sandstone bow tie is complemented by handmade packaging.

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Yakobium s.r.o.
Korunni 2569/108
101 00

Yakobium s.r.o. is IDC member since 2020, with 2035 IDC rating.
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