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Our philosophy is most important matter is in the “between”them. It doesn’t mean it is halfway attitude. The real”personality”shouldn’t be landed on the place where some influential people gave, but should be taken off from the given place to where each individuals can find their “personality”, improving and fluctuating in between .We act “find your colors between gray spot”as the our philosophy.
It is not too much to say that it is the proper era that we can find our individuals in gray spot. The era surely comes very recentnly that The AI technologies enable us to process big data information and IT technologies make us to gather and supply much more information. It means we can develop us by diversification ,one more step from the modernization by rationalization. It is ture that rationalization has been bringing huge wealth, however, people are standardized and easy to be agitated by easy information control.Our vision is to realize the society where people can find and make their own colored space, committing to design process by gathering, analyzing and supplying the world space design information, using AI technologies and IT technologies
Service Office by Shinya Nomiyama

Miyajima Insurance Service Office by Shinya Nomiyama The concept of the project is "to connect the office with the city" taking advantage of the environment. The site is located on the place where overviews the city. To achieve it tunnel shaped space are adopted ,which goes through from the entrance gate to the end of the office space.The line of the ceiling wood and the black gap which is installed lights and air-conditioning fixtures emphasize the direction to the city.

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Space Orchestra is IDC member since 2020, with 2035 IDC rating.
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