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Kim Sunghoon is the founder of hej and a graphic designer based in Seoul, South Korea. Starting with a graphic design based on typography, he is a graphic designer who is interested in using various visual languages such as image and digital as a means of communication and is working on a number of projects. He is working on a variety of projects with different personalities, creating each communication tool that fits the project as a result of the design. By doing so, the company is expanding its scope to graphic design, such as public design, space design, signage design, exhibition design, information design, brand design, and digital design.
Book Design by Sunghoon Kim

Josef Koudelka Gypsies Book Design by Sunghoon Kim Josef Kudelka, a world-renowned photographer, has held his photo exhibitions in many countries around the world. After a long wait, a gypsy-themed Kudelka exhibition was finally held in Korea, and his photo book was made. As it was the first exhibition in Korea, there was a request from the author that he wanted to make a book so that he could feel Korea. Hangeul and Hanok are Korean letters and architecture that represent Korea. Text refers to the mind and architecture means the form. Inspired by these two elements, wanted to design a way to express Korea's characteristics.

Brand Design by Sunghoon Kim

Yoondesign Identity Brand Design by Sunghoon Kim Yoondesign Identity concept is starting from a triangle. The apex of the triangle represents the relationship between font design, content design and brand design. Extends from a triangle to a polygon. A polygon is eventually made of a circle. Express flexibility through change. Based on black and white, various colors are used. Set the color and graphic motif freely to suit the situation.

Book Design by Sunghoon Kim

Kang Yoonsung Book Design by Sunghoon Kim The book commemorates the retirement of Kang Yoonsung, a graphic designer and university professor. Since ancient times, there has been a custom in Korea to make rainbow rice cakes on auspicious occasions such as 100 days, 1st birthday, marriage, and 60th birthday. He hoped that retirement would be a feast day, not a sad day, so the concept of the book became rainbow rice cake. The book was composed of letters from 60 colleagues and disciples from Korea, China and Japan, and design work by Kang Yoonsung. The book was designed using colored paper to express the rainbow rice cake.

Book Design by Sunghoon Kim

The Journey of Arita Book Design by Sunghoon Kim A typographic design book with various stories including the importance in the development of Korean terminology and collaboration between designers. The book The Journey of Arita covers everything related to the Arita font, which has long been veiled, encompassing how the corporate typefaces were born, the story behind the font design, cases where these typefaces were used, interviews with 14 of the designers involved in the design per font, documentary photographs showing the process of creating typefaces, and products and books that use the Arita font.

Book Design by Sunghoon Kim

87MM Brand Story Book Design by Sunghoon Kim 87MM is a representative fashion brand in Korea that creates everyday culture through sense and wit. Since its launch in 2011, it has been designed to tell the story of the past decade to the 87MM-loving public through Moment by Moment, We Say No Concept But Good Sense, a brand with 10 years of records. This will serve to communicate more closely with the young Korean public who like 87MM and are enthusiastic about it through the story of two founders as well as the 87MM brand story.

Font Design by Sunghoon Kim

87MM Ilsang Font Design by Sunghoon Kim The font of 87MM Ilsang is designed with consideration for the daily value pursued by the 87MM brand. The oblique font in Korean is the first font to be attempted in Korea. By interpreting the numbers 8 and 7 as the ratio and angle of the font, the area of the letters was designed as a space of 8:7, and the size of the closed letters among the consonants of Hangeul (Korean Alphabet) was adjusted using this ratio. The 8 and 7 degrees angles were used as morphological elements such as a stem and a conclusion to harmonize the characteristics of handwriting that appear when writing sideways.

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Kim Sunghoon
102-203, 133, Tanhyeon-ro, Ilsanseo-gu
P: +82.10.2541.8550

Kim Sunghoon is IDC member since 2022, with 12189 IDC rating.
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