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In 2011, Li Xiang founded X+Living Architectural Design in Shanghai, and has ever since been building her own design team working at the cutting edge of art, fashion and business. She has gained cross-field achievements by exploring interior design as an architect, creating many design works with commercial and aesthetic values in the culture, retail, hotel and other industries. Her high-profile design has become the benchmark in aesthetic design and strategic design, and won international recognition with a series of top international awards. Li Xiang is the first Chinese designer that was invited as a jury member of the Frame Awards, the first and only global interior-design awards. Owing to her guidance and management, X+Living has become an excellent design team with international presence, and continues to convey its unique design ideas to the world.
Family Park by Li Xiang

Hangzhou Neobio Family Park by Li Xiang Based on the original layout of the shopping mall, Hangzhou Neobio Family Park was divided into four major functional areas, each with multiple accessory spaces. Such division took into account age groups, interests and behaviors of kids, while at the same time combining functions for entertainment, education and rest during parent-child activities. The reasonable circulation in the space makes it a comprehensive family park that integrates entertainment and education activities.

Hotel by Li Xiang

Park Zoo Hotel by Li Xiang This is no doubt a hotel based on the animal theme. However, designers didn’t simply create a series of adorable and graceful animal-shaped installations in order to attract great attention in the intensely competitive market. Infusing the space with the deep love for animals, designers transformed the hotel into an art exhibition, where customers are able to observe and feel the real situation facing the endangered animals in the present moment.

Bookstore by Li Xiang

Guiyang Zhongshuge Bookstore by Li Xiang With the mountainous corridors and stalactite grotto-looking bookshelves, the bookstore introduces the readers into a world of Karst cave. In this way, the design team brings fantastic visual experience while at the same time spreads the local characteristics and culture to a larger crowds. Guiyang Zhongshuge has been a cultural feature and urban landmark in Guiyang city. In addition, it also bridges the gap of the cultural atmosphere in Guiyang.

Bookstore by Li Xiang

Chongqing Zhongshuge Bookstore by Li Xiang Incorporating the splendid landscape of Chongqing in the bookstore, the designer has created a space where the visitors may feel like in the charming Chongqing while reading. There are five types of reading area in total, each of which is like a wonderland with distinctive features. Chongqing Zhongshuge bookstore has provided the consumers with a more fancy experience that they are not able to gain through the online shopping.

Swim Club by Li Xiang

Loong Swim Club by Li Xiang The combination of service-oriented business with new business forms is a trend. The designer experimentally integrates the subsidiary functions of the project with main business, re-optimizes the main functions of parent-child sports training, and builds the project into a comprehensive space for swimming and sports education, integrating entertainment and leisure.

Apartment by Li Xiang

Home in Picture Apartment by Li Xiang The project is a living space created for a family of four with two kids. The dreamland atmosphere created by the home design comes not only from the fairy tale world created for children, but also from the futuristic sense and spiritual shock brought by the challenge on traditional home furnishings. Not being bound by rigid methods and patterns, the designer disintegrated traditional logic and presented a new interpretation of lifestyle.

Kids Club by Li Xiang

Meland Kids Club by Li Xiang The entire project has completed the excellent expression of the theme parent-child indoor playground, showing a high degree of completeness and consistency in the streamline and space narrative. The subtle line design connects different functional areas and realizes the rationality of the visitors flows. The narrative of the space, in turn, connects different spaces through a complete plot and leads the consumers to experience the wonderful journey of parent-child interaction.

Flagship Store by Li Xiang

Zhuyeqing Green Tea Flagship Store by Li Xiang Drinking tea requires both a favourable environment and a good mood. The designer presents the motif of cloud and mountain in the way of freehand ink painting, and sprinkles a pair of beautiful Chinese landscape paintings in the enclosed limited space. Through customized function carriers, the designer has created a sensory experience for the consumers, which brings huge sensual impact.

Kids Restaurant by Li Xiang

YooYuumi Kids Restaurant by Li Xiang As a restaurant for both parents and children, the project needs to balance the different aethestic needs, usage needs of different people. The design idea of main dining area comes from the owner's profession, so the main dining area is like a ball room. In the washroom, with architectural design techniques being used, designer expresses traditional Chinese paper-cutting using western aesthetic lines. The parent-child restaurant, based on the new romance, blends in perfectly with eastern leisure pattern.

Cinema by Li Xiang

Fab Cinema by Li Xiang Believes that a cinema should pay attention to the connection between audience and the art of film instead of just providing entertainment and popcorn, so the designer moved the scenes and stories behind the films to the public view and the boring waiting area became a pre-order reaction container for the emotions. The awe of the creator was also projected into the design.

Coworking Space by Li Xiang

Unova Coworking Space by Li Xiang The project is a co-working space located in Shenzhen. The goal was to create a space that can accommodate multiple companies and give full play to the employees' individuality, and let co-working no longer be just a synonym for a low cost. The building where the project is located was originally an old-fashioned mall, but it has been eliminated by this area due to rapid commercial iteration. Designers hope that this building will reintegrate into the entire community and bring new vitality to it.

Kids Area by Li Xiang

The Mixc Kunshan Kids Area by Li Xiang The project is located in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, an important birthplace of Kunqu Opera, which has the nickname of "the mother of Chinese Opera". With the vision of creating a multifunctional experience venue that integrates parenting, leisure, and education, the designer has blurred the physical boundary between the public area and the retail stores through coordinated facade design. It has realized the unity of the overall composition aesthetics and the integrity of the spatial narrative, causing more powerful field energy in the commercial space.

Hotel by Li Xiang

New Century Magic Hotel by Li Xiang The project is located in a resort park in Huzhou, China. It is committed to creating a "hotel-paradise" vacation mode. Based on this design concept, Magic Hotel was build. Combining the characteristics of consumers, Magic Hotel not only meets the needs of children, inspires the entertainment and playfulness of children, but also takes into account the needs of business people, and arouses the inner childlike innocence of adults.

Bookshop by Li Xiang

Zhongshuge Bookshop by Li Xiang The project is located in Dujiangyan, Southwest of China. The city is famous for its unique culture and landscape due to its long history of water conservancy project. By drawing inspirations from the local landscape, designer moved the magnificent spirit of mountains and rivers into the bookstore, presenting readers with an elegant and powerful artistic landscape, and also expressing the awe to the nature.

Kids Theme Park by Li Xiang

Shenzhen Meland Club Kids Theme Park by Li Xiang Meland Club is an indoor parent-child playground located in Shenzhen, China. Drawing inspiration from the Four Seasons, the designer built a whimsical garden with abundant geometric figures as well as different materials that not only add rich texture but also impart vitality and energy. The design aims to pursue ultimate creation of space experience, atmosphere and impact, it also brings a surreal fairy tale beyond imagination to reality.

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