Akshita Chandra

Akshita Chandra is a visual communicator originally from India. She likes playing around with the idea of tactility which manifests a lot in her personal work. She also likes building narratives that require participation with the viewer. Chandra likes to work with interactivity and looks for ways in which she can bring that in in her work. She is meticulous, loves list-making and adores the company of her cat, Hema. She likes satire, reading, and drawing faces of cats when she is bored.
unbound publication by Akshita Chandra

Grimm Reality unbound publication by Akshita Chandra Drawing parallels from the four Grimm’s fairytales such as Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White and Red Riding Hood, the project looks at how the good natured cautionary advices have been amplified and played out in the society in a way that they have now become more restrictive and poisonous. Grimm Reality is an unbound publication coming together in a clamshell box encasing 8 individual artworks that are based on at least one of the four fairytales and is correlated to an incident or statement made in India. Each artwork is dynamic and adds to the narrative when interacted with

Contact Info

Akshita Chandra
18/14/3D Elgin Road
Uttar Pradesh
P: +917760299051

Akshita Chandra is IDC member since 2019, with 2034 IDC rating.
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