Amir Cherni

Amir Cherni is a Tunisian interior designer, he has over 15 years of experience in the field of architecture and architectural visualization. His field of activity is spread between luxury residential projects, commercial projects. Amir is passionate about 3D and this passion led him to specialize in the photorealistic rendering.
Lounge Bar  by Amir Cherni

The Skull Lounge Bar by Amir Cherni The Skull Lounge design was inspired by industrial workspaces, abandoned warehouses and post-apocalyptic movie. The idea was to create a detailed interior concept that proudly displays the building materials that many try to conceal. It’s about adding a raw, unfinished design look mixed with a touch of comfort. The subspaces were inspired by fire camps, to bring some intimity in such a huge space and to create a more relaxed atmosphere and add a sense of homeliness to the environment.

3D Visualization  by Amir Cherni

Ruelle 3D Visualization by Amir Cherni This 3D project was realized in order to capture the atmosphere and aura of the old Tunisian city center. Based on a real alley in the old downtown of Tunis, all variations of textures and degraded surfaces have been done manually. The main goal was to achieve some photorealistic renders that tell a story and engage the viewer in a mixed feeling trip while exploring different CGI renders moods and experiment new shading and Texturing workflows.

Contact Info

Amir Cherni
residence yasmine 2 appartement c 7.1
P: +21626196000
F: Tunisie

Amir Cherni is IDC member since 2019, with 4091 IDC rating.
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