Yuri Lee

Yuri Lee is an award-winning illustrator and graphic designer. She graduated from BFA Illustration and Animation from Kingston university in 2014. After graduating, Yuri Lee as Seoul-based freelance illustrator has worked with various companies and agencies for graphic design and picture books. She thinks that artists need to reflect the universal and social issues as well as to show individual messages for artworks. It is important that artists should have a continuously critical point of view when he or she sees the world.
UI Design by Yuri Lee

Moulin Rouge UI Design by Yuri Lee This project is designed for people who want to decorate their own cell phone with Moulin Rouge theme although they never visited in Moulin Rouge in Paris. The main purpose is to offer an improved digital experience and all of the design factors are to visualize the mood of Moulin Rouge. Consumers can customize design preset and icons on their favorites with a simple tap on the screen.

Contact Info

Yuri Lee
P: 821091061418
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Yuri Lee is IDC member since 2020, with 2035 IDC rating.
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