Kazuo Fukushima

FUDESIGN is branding company based on graphic design. Our inspiration is happiness experience in daily life. It takes to relation for new brand and consumer. This is the goal of our design works.

Graduate from Kanazawa Institute of Technology as a major in Industrial Design
Study in Graphic Design from Human Academy, Osaka

In 2001, Has been engaged in branding and Graphic design in Japan.
Start working in Shanghai since 2009.
In 2016, Has worked as General Manager for GrandDesign in 2017.
FUDESIGN was established In 2017.

2016, Silver Award, Beverage Packaging, PENT-AWARD
2019, 21, 22, Silver Award, Package Design, A’Design AWARD

Dec, 2018, Chinese LOGO design, Online seminar, Shanghai/China.
Mar, 2019, Chinese Package design, Online seminar, Shanghai/China.
Apr, 2019, Remodeling and Globalization of Chinese Brands, wework Shanghai, Shanghai/China
Gift Box by Kazuo Fukushima

Pastry Gift Box by Kazuo Fukushima Mr. Qiao is a pastry brand of Yu Yuan. The brand is aiming to spread and generate a good word of mouth of the scenery spot and Shanghai city. The inspiration of the design comes from the historical architecture of Shanghai, represents the unique culture. The creative design absorbed the quintessence of the architecture which could be a symbolic image of old-Shanghai style, blended with the modern style. It makes the gift package attracted the tourists to purchase as local specialty.

Bag by Kazuo Fukushima

Organic Rice Bag by Kazuo Fukushima This project is that packages the feelings of the makers who make delicious rice in Wuchang. The design idea is natural golden carpet. Created the design, which is associated with the scene where a vast rice field looks golden. The Package is a trimmed of a golden rice carpet. So the vacuum package shape is a block like cube. In addition, illustration of a duck is to prove organic farming. The design that simply packaged the value of organic farming in Wuchang.

Packaging by Kazuo Fukushima

Toothpaste Packaging by Kazuo Fukushima The Toothpaste packaging design idea is a watercolor tube. It reminds the fun of choosing colors when painting. The Toothpaste is a unique combination of natural ingredients and amino acids found. Therefore, the upper half of the Toothpaste packaging is a natural expression, and the under half is a science and technology expression. It is a design that combines two different elements into one. Finally, the brand mark combines two toothbrushes in the shape of a cross to simply design the insurance oral products.

Contact Info

Kazuo Fukushima
103, 465-19, Zaoyang-road
P: +8618616501109

Kazuo Fukushima is IDC member since 2022, with 6107 IDC rating.
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