Rucha Ghadge

Rucha Ghadge is a graphic design student from India. She believes that design is all about community and forging relations. Growing up in a country with a turbulent history in regards to rights for women and minorities, she understands the need for preserving one's cultural identity. Its because of this unique background that she is predisposed to highlight the perspective of Indian women and the issues they face.
Environmental Graphics by Rucha Ghadge

Tirupati Illustrations Environmental Graphics by Rucha Ghadge The brief was to design wall graphics for Tirupati International airport which represents the culture, identity and traditions of the people of Tirumala and Tirupati. One of the holiest Hindu Pilgrim spots in India, it is considered the “Spiritual Captial of Andhra Pradesh”. The Tirumala Venkateswara temple is the famous pilgrimage temple. The people are simple and devout and the rituals and customs permeate their everyday lives. The illustrations are intended to be wall graphics first and then later can be used for promotional merchandise for tourism.

Postcard Series by Rucha Ghadge

The Sisterhood Archives Postcard Series by Rucha Ghadge Influenced by old Indian matchbox art as well as pop culture, The Sisterhood Archives is a series of postcards that takes a shot at reintroducing some of the most important figures in the history of the Indian feminist movement. Its an attempt at re-imagining their ideologies in the context of the modern world and to make it more relatable to the Young Indian woman.

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Rucha Ghadge
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Rucha Ghadge is IDC member since 2019, with 4054 IDC rating.
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