Mehdi Ghareh Mohammadi

His story began when he was just a 17-year old boy. It was when he designed his very first logo for a car manufacturing company. At that time he found himself in the magical and magnificent world of Logo Designing and he has adored it ever since. Almost 17 years have passed since that moment and so far he has created more than 200 logos some of which are masterpieces of art. This is one of the many things that he is very proud of and also one of the reasons that he can simply be known as one of the best logo designers in the Middle East and probably in the world. One factor that makes him interesting is not designing logos just for fame, money or drawing attention. He designs them out of pure love and when it comes to him, it’s not just an everyday claim many of most make all the time.
Logo and Label by Mehdi Ghareh Mohammadi RGD/CGD™

Caspian Black Pearl Logo and Label by Mehdi Ghareh Mohammadi RGD/CGD™ The Beluga caviar is the rarest of the rare kinds of caviar and has been known as the luxurious food ever. Showing the significance of this product besides the commercial brand has been the ultimate goal of the designs. The combination of the letter C of the brand name with the shape of the fish has given the logo its unique qualities to introduce the product. Using oyster-coated paper for printing the labels in company with the logo and gold-coated cans makes this product stand out. This smart combination represents the caviar cans as shells which hold precious black pearls inside them.

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Mehdi Ghareh Mohammadi
North Ostad Hassan Banna Street,
P: +989121898075

Mehdi Ghareh Mohammadi is IDC member since 2019, with 2034 IDC rating.
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