Tiger ChongSheng Guo

Master of Design Innovation – Industrial Design – Victoria University of Wellington.

Tiger ChongSheng Guo is a New Zealand based Industrial Designer specialising in healthcare robotics and ergonomic design.

Previous clients include Business New Zealand, United Nations, MedTech Centre of Research Excellence, Exsurgo Rehabilitation Technologies, Callaghan Innovation, Shwoop, Bats Theatre, Urbangroup.

Previous awards include A’ Design Award in digital and electronic device design, A’ Design Award in homeware and cookware, 2 time Muse Design Award in product design, Novum Design Award in jewellery design, and designer of the year nominee.
Headphones by Tiger ChongSheng Guo

Aurelian Headphones by Tiger ChongSheng Guo Aurelian is a headset system that aims to challenge both fashion and consumer electronic trends. Manufactured using 3D printing technologies; in gold and PA12 nylon; Aurelian combines digital fabrication with themes of neo-antiquity. Through an extensive iterative design process, coupled with user-testing, the designer; Tiger ChongSheng Guo, was able to craft a 3-axis headset system able to fit almost all head-shapes. This, combined with a unique interface and Bluetooth 4.0, resulted in “sound truly fit for an Emperor”.

3D Printed Cup by Tiger ChongSheng Guo

Venus 3D Printed Cup by Tiger ChongSheng Guo Venus is a modern drinkware set designed to introduce cutting edge digital fabrication technologies into the home. Aiming to celebrate the forms, functions, and social innovations digital fabrication can provide, Venus takes additive manufacturing methods - such as 3D printing - and combines them with contemporary industrial design. Encapsulating the symbiosis between two forms, and the unique qualities of 3D printed geometries; Venus was 3D printed in a ceramic polymer mix, before being fired and polished. The base was printed in a PLA based wood filament.

Table by Tiger ChongSheng Guo

Emperor Table by Tiger ChongSheng Guo Crafted to last a dynasty, Emperor is the first of the Imperial Furniture Series by Tiger ChongSheng Guo. Born of the novel Neo-Sino design methodology, coined by Guo, Emperor combines traditional design principles from China's rich 5,000 year history, with culturally unbiased contemporary design practices. Emperor is crafted from sustainable Jarrah, and luscious brass.

Contact Info

Tiger ChongSheng Guo
1C/192 Willis Street, Te Aro
P: +64278101696

Tiger ChongSheng Guo is IDC member since 2020, with 6069 IDC rating.
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