Lachezar Ivanov

Lachezar Ivanov, 31 years. Passionate free skier and a world traveler. Experienced product designer with a demonstrated work experience in the field of Arts and Design, Product Design, Design Engeneering, Bicycle Design, Automotive Design and Logo Design. Worked for the three of largest bicycle companies in Europe. More than 400 of his products have been realized in serial and mass production. Participated in the development of Renault Europe, Dacia and Chevrolet projects.
Bicycle by Lachezar Ivanov

PD TT Bike Bicycle by Lachezar Ivanov This is a concept of a triathlon bicycle, made only for professional athletes. The musculature of the universal Spanish fighter is built of the latest generation of carbon fibers. Under the carbon frame, you can easily communicate the muscular body of the Miura bulls and the latest technologies in the bicycle industry, highlighting the sharp lines of the design and emphasizing the professional line of the frame. The development of the bicycle prototype is made by the Bulgarian design studio.

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Lachezar Ivanov
Ivatz Voyvoda

Lachezar Ivanov is IDC member since 2020, with 2035 IDC rating.
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