Riki Watanabe

With a focus on interior design, Riki Watanabe work spans across a wide range of professional fields such as creative direction and branding. Utilizing the knowledge and multifaceted perspectives that we have cultivated through designing commercial spaces, hospitality spaces, exhibitions, products, and other genres, we design in consideration of the way places should be, the experiences that can be gained there, and the flow of time.
Clinic by Riki Watanabe

Chibanewtown Ladies Clinic by Riki Watanabe An important element of this design was that people coming to the hospital would be relaxed. As a feature of space, In addition to the nursing room, a counter like island kitchen is set up so that they can make milk for baby in the waiting room. The kids area, which is at the center of the space, is a symbol of space and they can watch children from anywhere.The sofa placed on the wall has a height that makes it easier for a pregnant woman to sit up, the back angle is adjusted, and the cushion hardness is adjusted so as not to be too soft.

Lounge by Riki Watanabe

BeantoBar Lounge by Riki Watanabe An important element of this design was to bring out the appeal of the materials used. The main material used was western red cedar, which is also used in their first store in Japan. As a way of showing the material, Riki Watanabe stacked up a mosaic pattern by piling together pieces one by one like a parquet, making use of the essence of materials uneven colors. Despite using the same materials, by cutting them out, Riki Watanabe was successfully able to vary the expressions depending on the viewing angles.

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Riki Watanabe is IDC member since 2020, with 4070 IDC rating.
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