Jian'an Zhou

Our company is founded in Shenzhen in 2015, also has set up a office in Chongqing. We focus on integrated design and landing service of high-end projects. Because of the founders’ working background in this field, there are three business lines in IN Lab, Landscape design Indoor and outdoor public space integration design Public arts . IN Lab is committed to the fusion of interior and exterior environment and the landing of landscape final product, also pursue innovation and crossover experience based on those business lines. To provide service to high-quality clients with common pursuit.

To be the drive force of being an excellent designer is the principle that In Lab always adhere to. Driven by the founders, we hope every employee is able to achieve its own success on the platform of the company. In Lab belongs to a group of people rather than a single person.

Being strict and critical to the designers also means persistence in operating projects and the pursuit of excellence. IN Lab requires our designers to be accurate in strategies, deeply understand project needs to eliminate the pain points and deliver services beyond expectations.
Residential Landscape by Jian'an Zhou

Nine Court Mansion Residential Landscape by Jian'an Zhou The Nine-Court Mansion, a high-end eco-residence project in Chongqing, is meant to create a new life style of Oriental implication by incorporating the stable spirit of Oriental tradition, exploiting the modern Oriental artistic expression and upgrading the function of residential areas. By reference to the spatial layout method from the Imperial Palace, nine spaces are constructed and grouped into three steps of the home-returning ceremony which are Entering the Gate to Behold the Mansion, Enjoying the Scenery in the Courtyard and Resting the Soul at Home respectively.

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Jian'an Zhou
Room 13, 15th floor, No.9 building, Zhongyuduhui Mansion, No.6 Xingai Avenue, Yubei District
Chongqing Municipality
P: 13372651692
F: 中国

Jian'an Zhou is IDC member since 2020, with 2055 IDC rating.
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