Xavier Alexis Rosado

Xavier Alexis Rosado is a fashion designer who aims to turn his vision of dreams into purpose through his your life. Xavier believes that an important characteristic is to be persevering in life's challenges and processes. He has talent and intuition and expresses it by being able to create art with the simplicity of life.
High Fashion Dress by XAVIER ALEXIS ROSADO

Camillet High Fashion Dress by XAVIER ALEXIS ROSADO Camillet demonstrate elegance, patterns & creativity. The elaboration of heart corset was a handmade design that give the elegance to the dress. The dress patterns are defined in a geometrics & lineal braids. As a result, a women silhouette is more notable. Camillet is a new idea, based on the raw material. During the structure of the dress the most challenging experience was to maintain the order of the elaboration.

Contact Info

Xavier Alexis Rosado
39 carr 144
Puerto Rico

Xavier Alexis Rosado is IDC member since 2020, with 2023 IDC rating.
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