Olga Takhtarova

Olga Takhtarova has over 14 years of experience in graphic and interior design. Since 2015, she has been working under the SOT B&D (Studio Olga Takhtarova Branding & Design) brand in the field of visual identification, packaging, web design, illustration, and interior design. For 5 years, she has implemented more than 200 projects for clients from Ukraine, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Russia, UAE, Canada, USA
Packaging by Olha Takhtarova

Winetime Seafood Packaging by Olha Takhtarova The packaging design for the Winetime Seafood series should demonstrate the freshness and reliability of the product, should differ it favorably from competitors, be harmonious and understandable. The colors used (blue, white and orange) create a contrast, emphasize important elements and reflect brand positioning. The single unique concept developed distinguishes the series from other manufacturers. The strategy of visual information made it possible to identify the product variety of the series, and the usage of illustrations instead of photos made the packaging more interesting.

Packaging by Olha Takhtarova

Bel Gusto Packaging by Olha Takhtarova The purpose of the Bel Gusto rebranding is to expand the brand's audience through visual renewal. To emphasize traditions and history and favorably distinguish the TM from competitors, the theme of postage was used. The theme was expressed the theme in the packaging's distinctive design in the postal theme and material textures and elements of postage. The use of illustrations allowed to tell about the product, reveal it from unusual sides and contrast the product line's contrasting color differentiation helped the consumer distinguish the products in the line from each other.

Packaging by Olha Takhtarova

Wink Lashes Packaging by Olha Takhtarova For the professional Wink Lashes series, a unique, attractive package was created, revealing the benefits of the brand. The graphic symbols help to display the main idea of the design - a magical transformation. The "Eye" image was a basis, whereas a separate visual element in the corresponding design was created for each product line. The correct use of color helped the brand embrace a complete look and effectively communicate with the customer. The developed design increased the level of brand awareness and popularity and made the TM more competitive.

Confectionery Packaging by Olha Takhtarova

Una Luna Confectionery Packaging by Olha Takhtarova Behind the design of each product, there is a story. The collage illustration used in the package design for the Una Luna fruit candy series is a good way to tell this story to the consumer. Collage illustration on the package helped to create a certain image of the brand and give it integrity. The modern market demands a simple and clear package, which will stand out on the shelves and be interesting to the audience. In his project, the designer used the collage technique and contrasting shades. It helped to make the packaging of Una Luna candies interesting.

Granola Packaging by Olha Takhtarova

Granovita Granola Packaging by Olha Takhtarova Granovita preaches a simple approach to making granola with the best tasting natural ingredients while keeping the essence of the brand no frills. Granovita's packaging design had to reflect honesty about the product and the ingredients. The design had to inspire consumer confidence in the product. By combining granola packaging with modern design, the designer has created an image that invites customers to rediscover breakfast. The new granola brand wants to bring change to the cereal market.

Cosmetic Packaging by Olha Takhtarova

Siela Cosmetic Packaging by Olha Takhtarova The designer was commissioned to create the packaging of a children's line of 5 products for Siela Cosmetic. The overall look of the brand was created with the help of charming drawings. A storyline was created for each product and a design system was developed that tells that story for the entire product line, At the same time, the illustrative style reflects the nature of children's books and emphasizes the reputation of the brand.

Candy Packaging by Olha Takhtarova

Una Luna Collection Candy Packaging by Olha Takhtarova The new Una Luna collection of chocolates is based on original liqueurs and Italian chocolates. But it's not only the unusual flavors that make this collection stand out. The packaging design is inspired by the energy of each flavor, presented abstractly with unexpected strokes and brush strokes created by the designer. When you take a box of Una Luna chocolates in your hands, you will feel like you are opening a real work of art and when you take your first bite, you will be able to feel all its combinations.

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Olga Takhtarova is IDC member since 2020, with 14266 IDC rating.
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