“Unto” is a designer duo of Ching Yi Chang and Ming Hsi Chou, collaborating since 2014, and have developed a coherent body of work characterized by drawing a close lens on nature, using the significance of objects as cultural conduits, and reintroducing things in a way that we often would otherwise oversee. Perceiving their role as a bridge between craft, industry, object, and user, Unto aims to rebuild our relationship with the everyday objects with a fresh mind and intentions to bring new dialogues and perspectives unto this rapidly changing world.
Corporate Identity by Unto

Communication Tool Corporate Identity by Unto Nowadays, name cards have been less of how one share contact info but more of how one displays their image. The team believes a name card is at it's most communication deliverance when passed over from a first-degree acquaintance to a second, meaning the person who receives the card shares it again with other potential clients or friends. Such a scenario is explored in their design, by suggesting the card to be split into two and encouraging the user to keep one and share one, extends the connections that one name card can make or one social networking scene could offer.

Contact Info

JinShan South Road, Section 2, Lane 101, No.8, 2nd Fl.
New Taipei City
P: 0966633571
F: Taiwan

Unto is IDC member since 2020, with 2023 IDC rating.
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